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This accompanying courier ticket (SY.DE.TA.), is an internal processing document and is governed by the following terms which the Shipper-Customer unconditionally accepts the assignment of the shipment to KANGA SERVICES SA. In case the client has not signed the cooperation agreement and the acceptance of the transfer terms, he declares that he accepts the terms unconditionally with the first assignment of work to KANGA SERVICES SA.

For the transfer of parcels and documents through the processing network and the procedures of KANGA SERVICES SA, the sender agrees with the terms-clauses, which are mentioned in this form as well as with the fixed terms of handling of KANGA SERVICES SA, which are incorporated in this contract, with explicit reference to them. No agent, representative, agent or employee of KANGA SERVICES SA, nor the sender has the right to modify or remove the terms and conditions.


Article 1: The accompanying courier ticket (SY.DETA) of KANGA SERVICES SA is in print - negotiable and the sender acknowledges that: it was completed by him or by KANGA SERVICES SA and on his behalf. The consignor declares and accepts that he is the owner or possessor or representative of the owner or possessor of the goods in transit which are described on the front page. He also declares that he hereby accepts the terms of transport of KANGA SERVICES SA both for himself and as a representative of the holder of the goods under transport.

Article 2: KANGA SERVICES SA is entitled but not obliged to control the object it undertakes to process as well as the right to open the package and control the content

Article 3: KANGA SERVICES SA is entitled to withhold or not deliver transported items in order to secure its remuneration resulting from the transfer, until it is fully paid.

Kanga Services handles shipments by purchase or cash on delivery and by unsigned order such as telephone or electronic. In these cases the principal has all the rights and obligations of the receipt and delivery receipt of Kanga Services S.A. as the sender.

Kanga Services is not obliged to pay compensation to the sender, recipient, principal, user, customer for any shipment and for any reason as long as they have not paid any financial obligations they may have to Kanga Services, within the timeframe under the agreement between them, including of premiums. Kanga Services is entitled to offset any debts of the beneficiary with compensation amounts.


Article 4: The sender guarantees that: 1) Each item listed on the front page is described correctly and in accordance with the law. 2) The required points, details and address of the recipient have been correctly marked on the object to be processed. 3) The object under processing has been packaged in such a way as to ensure its safe processing.4) KANGA SERVICES SA has the right to stop the processing of an object when it deems it inadmissible, or when the sender for any reason provided incomplete or incorrect information for the processing. 5) The sender is obliged to pay all costs incurred during processing, even for the return or storage of transported items.


Article 5: KANGA SERVICES SA handles shipments at a charge to the recipient. In case of refusal of payment by the recipient for any reason, for the payment of KANGA SERVICES SA the sender undertakes.


Article 6: The sender of the shipment guarantees that: Each item listed in the SY.DE.TA. of Kanga Services S.A. is correctly described and in accordance with the law, that all the required information and the full address of the recipient have been completed correctly. Also the shipment under processing has been packaged so as to ensure its safe transport. It also guarantees that it will pay any additional costs incurred during processing, such as return, storage, re-posting, etc.Without prejudice to Article 9, the liability of the courier company for any loss or damage of the shipment (document-object), is limited to the lower of the following amounts: A) up to the amount of 40 € for documents and up to the amount of 100 € for items (shipments within Greece), or B) in the respective equivalent in EURO of 100 US dollars for international shipments,or (C) the actual amount of the loss or damage paid to the documents or object and up to a maximum of the amounts specified above; their value for the sender, recipient or third party and with a maximum of the above defined amounts.(*) Real value means: 1) for documents the cost of preparing, replacing, reproducing or re-editing them 2) for items, the cost of repairing, replacing or purchasing them, as evidenced by the documents submitted (in the condition in which they were receipt), taking the above each time a lower value.


Article 7: For shipments within Greece to the cities where KANGA SERVICES SA does not maintain branches or representatives, the processing is done through agencies (O.A or KTEL). The responsibility of transport is terminated with their delivery to the appropriate means and the receipt of the bill of lading.


Article 8: KANGA SERVICES SA is not responsible for any damages or indirect losses for any reason. The above losses include any loss of income, profit, interest or purchase.


Article 9: KANGA SERVICES SA makes every effort and takes every action to achieve timely performance in accordance with the specifications of each of its services. In no case, however, is it responsible for delay in receipt or delivery of a shipment or for loss, damage, damage, poor delivery or non-delivery for any reason due to the cases described below.1) Due to unforeseen events beyond human objective possibilities (adverse weather conditions, disaster, earthquake, delay of means of transport, accident, etc.) 2) Due to omission or incorrect instructions of the sender or consignee, the representative, the representative Air, Shipping, Transport Company or other legal or natural person entrusted with the processing of the shipment by KANGA SERVICES,
3) Due to the nature of the shipment in which special damage can occur such as electrical, magnetic, electronic, photographic, typographic, etc. 4) The packaging of the items is the responsibility of the sender and must be of appropriate specifications in relation to the transported item. KANGA SERVICES SA bears no responsibility in case of damage due to poor or incomplete packaging.


Article 10: KANGA SERVICES SA undertakes the transport of goods provided that they are accompanied by a Delivery Note.

Article 11: Every claim must be submitted by the beneficiary in writing to the headquarters of KANGA SERVICES SA within 20 days from the date of assignment of the shipment to KANGA SERVICES SA. No claim is accepted after 20 days.


Article 12: PROHIBITED OBJECTS. KANGA SERVICES SA does not undertake the processing and transportation of the following items: Fragile items with incomplete or without packaging - Cash Money and Foreign Exchange - Gold in Sticks and Jewelry - Precious Stones - Industrial Coals and Diamonds - Antiquities - Antiquities - Antiquities - Shares - Bonds - Perishable Foods - Stamps - Drugs - Explosive Items or Parts of Weapons - Animals - Plants - Pornographic Material - Assets - or other items prohibited by law and general items not handled by I. .


Article 13: In case the receipt or delivery of the shipment is done using the device for receiving the data-data of receipt and delivery of shipments (PDA) the electronic signature of the sender or recipient on the PDA has the place of signature of this SY.DE. ΤΑ.


Article 14: In the event of a dispute with the Consumer, there is a Dispute Resolution Committee, for any dispute which is not resolved by the Commission, the courts of Athens have jurisdiction, regardless of the origin and destination of each consignment.



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